Commercial Lawn & Garden Equipment Exchange Program

To reduce air pollution, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's (Air District) Commercial Lawn & Garden Equipment Exchange Program provides funding for the exchange of new, battery-powered, zero-emission electric lawn and garden equipment after turning in operable gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment for scrapping. This replacement program provides real emission benefits by exchanging conventional, high-polluting, gasoline-powered commercial lawn and garden equipment with zero-emission equipment.

(Only School Districts and Municipal Agencies in Alameda & Contra Costa Counties)

This exchange project will replace commercial lawn and garden equipment in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Funding for this project was made available through a mediation process that required that penalties be paid to improve air quality in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, near and where the air pollution infraction occurred.

Among the equipment targeted are lawn mowers, leaf blowers, sweepers, chainsaws, line trimmers, and hedge trimmers. In addition to funding the purchase of equipment, funds will be available for the purchase of two batteries for each piece of electric equipment and one battery charger. The gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment, to be replaced by battery-powered equipment, must be scrapped at a licensed metal recycling facility. )

The current round of funding is only for school districts and municipal agencies in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  Applications are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all available funds have been exhausted. The application must be accompanied by a Letter of Commitment or a Board Resolution in support of the proposal. Among the eligible equipment that can be funded under this solicitation are commercial lawn and garden products manufactured by Green Station, Mean Green Products, Stihl, and TMC, as well as other commercial grade, battery-powered lawn and garden equipment. )

Following are documents that you will assist you in learning more about the program and submitting an application:

If you have questions about the program you can contact:

  • Michael Kent, Contra Costa County – (925) 313-6587 or
  • Brenda Rueda-Yamashita, Alameda County – (510) 577-7081 or

Grants Programs Information Request Line, Strategic Incentives


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Spare the Air Status