2016 Adopted Resolutions

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Date of AdoptionResolution NumberResolution Nametable-mobile-only-column
12/7/20162016-13Adopting Amendments to District Regulation 2, Rule 5: New Source Review of Toxic Air Contaminants; and Adopting a CEQA Negative Declaration for the Project
11/16/20162016-12Authorizing the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to accept and obligate up to $1,266,600, plus any interest accrued, in funding from the Bay Area Clean Air Foundation for roadside air pollution monitoring projects.
11/16/20162016-11Directing staff to refrain from initiating any business with Wells Fargo for a period of two years.
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10/19/20162016-10Adopting Proposed Amendments to District Regulation 9, Rule 13: Nitrogen Oxides, Particulate Matter, and Toxic Air Contaminants from Portland Cement Manufacturing.
10/19/20162016-09Authorizing the BAAQMD to Accept and Obligate up to $1,266,600, Plus Any Interest Accrued, in Funding from the Bay Area Clean Air Foundation for Roadside Air Pollution Monitoring Projects.
7/20/20162016-08Authorizing the BAAQMD to Accept, Obligate, and Expend $1 Million in Funding from the US EPA to Replace Three Locomotives.
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7/20/20162016-07Authorizing the BAAQMD to Accept and Obligate $972,262.70 in Funding from the Bay Area Clean Air Foundation for Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Buyback Projects.
7/20/20162016-06Committing Matching Funds in Support of Applications to the CARB for Low Carbon Transportation GHG Emission Reduction Fund.
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6/15/20162016-05Approving the Budget for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017 (FY 2016-2017) and Various Budget Related Actions.
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5/18/20162016-04Authorizing the Executive Officer/APCO to accept, obligate, and execute all agreements and amendments for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement ("CMAQ") grant funding for electric vehicle signage and education.
4/20/20162016-03Adopting New District Regulation 12, Rule 15: Petroleum Refining Emissions Tracking; and Adopting Air Monitoring Guidelines and a CEQA Negative Declaration for the Project
4/20/20162016-02Adopting Proposed District Regulation 9, Rule 14: Petroleum Coke Calcinating Operations; and Adopting a CEQA Negative Declaration for the Project
3/16/20162016-01Accepting Carl Moyer Program Funds from the California Air Resources Board
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