Guide to Air-Friendly Commuting

Most of us work 5 days a week, 50 weeks out of the year, thereby commuting to and from our jobs roughly 500 times per year, with each individual trip impacting the Bay Area’s air quality. Half of the Bay Area’s greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles. According to the EPA, leaving your car at home just two days a week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per year.

Just think how much cleaner the air would be if all 5.1 million registered car owners made that clean air choice!

Especially with fuel prices on the rise, there is substantial incentive to leave your car at home. Consider the many other ways to commute to work:

  • Take public transit. Call 511 or check www.511.org for detailed transit information in your area.
  • Join a carpool. If you don’t have friends or coworkers on your route, there may be a “casual carpool” program in your community. Check out www.511.org for a schedule and pick up sites.
  • If feasible, bicycle or walk to work. The best option of all, greatly benefitting the environment, with zero carbon emissions, and benefitting your health and wellness too.

If you must drive to work, here are a few tips:

  • Plan to refuel your car after sundown when gasoline vapors are less likely to form into smog.
  • Keep your car in good running condition and tires properly inflated. A well-maintained car uses significantly less gasoline than one that is poorly maintained.
  • Limit driving as much as possible by combining errands into one trip.

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