Guide to Air-Friendly Cleaning

It’s true: cleaning products wreak havoc on indoor air quality. Among the major culprits are those contained in aerosol cans, such as furniture polishes, oven and bathroom cleaners. Take inventory of your cleaning products and opt for solids, sticks, and gels. Also, read ingredients carefully; just because a cleaning product is labeled “natural” doesn’t mean it’s non-toxic. Look for detergents that are based on coconut or plant oil rather than petroleum, and disinfectants that utilize the antiseptic characteristics of eucalyptus, rosemary or sage oils instead of triclosan.

Also, consider replacing an old vacuum cleaner with a safer, more efficient model. Older models weren’t designed to eliminate dust and particulate matter.

At the office, check in with your contracted night-cleaning crew and request that they switch to plant-oil based products. Corporate cleaning services tend to use highly toxic industrial cleaners, and these can be especially dangerous in office buildings without much fresh air circulation.

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